chapter  6
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From the Old Downtown to the New Downtown: The Case of the South Boston Waterfront

This chapter focuses on the living environments of the society and the ethnology of daily life. It examines the social and market-oriented tasks in the context of urban planning, re-urbanisation and the future of urban society. When an area becomes available for development, planners give the demands of target groups a central role. Concentrations of particular groups and segregation arise, as well as images of urban areas and neighbourhoods, selective perception and prejudice, which have a major structuring influence on social processes, the cities and the communal life within them. The social milieus are a model for analysing society, consumers and citizens, which has been applied for several decades. With the integration of the social milieus into the most important market media studies and into the AGF/GfK television panel, interesting improvements for media evaluation, beyond product development and marketing, have become possible.