chapter  8
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Major Town Planning Projects in Urban Renaissance: Structuring Property Sales for Future Urbanity?

Diversity has recently become a new keyword in the areas of cultural and social studies. Diversity is, however, not a new phenomenon; indeed it has always enjoyed a privileged place which offers an ideal context for the field of Diversity Studies, the city. That which people emphatically refer to as urbanity is indeed Diversity Management in a generic sense: it embodies the city, the polis, as a forum for opinions and a place for encounters. If there is a keyword that captures the fascination, the atmosphere and the essence of the city, then it is diversity. Diversity is an inexhaustible urban resource and encompasses diversity in place of origin, in lifestyle and in professional careers, to name but a few. Due to its intricately interwoven scenes, New York was considered the archetypical city of diversity at the beginning of the 20th century: a true variety show.