chapter  2
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Planning Urbanity – A Contradiction in Terms?

ByLoretta Lees

This chapter makes analyses South Boston Waterfront and the conflicting interests which come into play when the creation of a new downtown is attempted. Successful public financing of revaluation schemes basis of the South Boston Waterfront. Developments up to this point suggest that the new downtown is bringing with the Central Business District (CBD) as part of the old downtown, into the South Boston Waterfront. Until revaluation measures for the South Boston Waterfront is neither a part of the CBD nor a part of the old downtown. The South Boston Waterfront is to profit from the attraction of living near the water because it is also close to downtown. Whenever the market for offices and living space within the downtown area had been exhausted, development shifted over in the direction of the South Boston Waterfront. As such, the South Boston Waterfront cannot augment the downtown area, but can only become the poor step-child of the old downtown.