chapter  10
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The Assises d’Antioche: Law and Custom in the Principality of Antioch

Antioch itself had been conquered by the armies of the First Crusade in 1098 and, as is well known, it was Bohemond, the son of Robert Guiscard duke of Apulia, who acquired control. Bohemond was followed as prince of Antioch by his nephew Tancred, then by a cousin named Roger of Salerno, and eventually by his own son Bohemond II. With Bohemond II’s death in 1130, rule by the male descendants of Tancred de Hauteville, the progenitor of the Norman rulers of southern Italy and Sicily, came to an end.3 Later in the 1130s the principality passed into the hands of Bohemond II’s son-in-law, Raymond of Poitiers.