chapter  6
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How do Orthodox Integrate in their Host Countries? Examples from Switzerland

This chapter addresses the schism that appeared in the Russian Orthodox congregations, and the ways in which the formation of an Orthodox congregation intent on integrating Orthodoxy into a Danish setting has influenced the outlook of Orthodox Christianity in Denmark. The conflicts between the priest and the parochial church council is the transfer of the jurisdiction over the church from the Paris exarchate, which belongs to the Constantinople Patriarchate, to the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia (ROCOR). At the turn of the millennium the Orthodox congregations in Denmark underwent a division. Orthodox Christians have been sporadically present in Denmark since 1741, when the first Russian envoys brought along so-called transportable churches consisting of clergy and liturgical tools, when they were posted in Denmark. The chapter ends with a discussion of the role of converts in the dissemination of Orthodox Christianity in Western Europe, especially the influence exerted by the majority culture on the development of a 'Western Orthodox Church'.