chapter  4
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The Security and Prosperity Partnership: Made in North America Integration or Co-operation?

The contemporary pop music form reggaeton can serve as a conversation starter for a broad discussion about the cultural complexities of 'Our North America'. In every sense, reggaeton is a remarkable contemporary cultural hybrid, not unlike Guillermo Gomez-Pena's performances, explained in Victoria Ruetalo's chapter. The album reveals how cultural hybridity infuses much more than various musical influences into the particular mixture of reggaeton. Distinctions traditionally made between producers and consumers of cultural products have broken down because of advances in technology that democratize cultural production, authority, and power, and the accessibility of popular music forms, including reggaeton. People who make up a nation frequently believe they also have a right to freedom and autonomy too, and often struggle mightily for their cultural and political independence. Mass media and the circulation of symbolic forms play key roles in such nationalist campaigns.