chapter  6
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A Dialectical Understanding of the Vulnerability of International Migrants

ByJorge A. Bustamante

The present analysis stands outside the stand-off between the US and Mexico, taking a neutral position on a complex set of disputes that, it argues, cannot be dealt with or resolved within the presuppositions and policies of the existing political elites. The chapter argues that classical 'realist' theories of international relations and neoliberal theories of globalization have helped create the current situation. It provides little prospect for meaningful alternatives, especially from the perspective of those who bear the burden of its tragic consequences. The chapter turns to potential alternatives to the bad and the ugly: to the potential good to the longer-term emergent possibilities and transformative outcomes. It concludes that these relations will tend to reproduce their inhumane and unjust consequences over time without fundamental changes, even with the change of governing parties in the US.