chapter  6
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Contract Types

ByAlan Morgan,MDS Pharma Services

The Pharmaceutical Contract Management Group (PCMG) was founded in 1994 and is a professionally constituted body dedicated to optimising outsourcing performance in drug development for its members and their companies. PCMG is aiming to build upon its achievements to become the leading forum in Europe for the discussion of outsourcing issues. The PCMG are very aware that maximising the success of a pharmaceutical company's outsourcing strategy and reducing the risks of using a third party is of critical importance. It is with these challenges in mind that the activities and programme of events are developed, to support the membership with every aspect of the outsourcing process. The PCMG have also produced outsourcing role competencies. These have proved very useful to members in developing company-specific competencies for their roles, which can sometimes be unique. The PCMG also supports the development of competencies with a series of training courses designed to support learning and development in key skill areas associated with outsourcing.