chapter  11
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The Process of Hybridization: Cognition, Emotion and Experience Among Multicultural Youngsters in ‘Rudenga’, East side, Oslo

ByViggo Vestel

In recent decades, the debate in the social sciences concerning how to conceptualize, analyze and understand the phenomenon known as ‘hybridity’ – as this has accompanied the intensification of the processes associated with globalization – has been salient (e.g. Kraidy 2005; Nederveen Pieterse 2004; Friedman 1999; Werbner and Moodod 1997). But while most researchers seem to agree that hybridization can be understood approximately as the ways in which cultural forms are becoming derived from already existing practices and recombined into new forms of cultural expressions, a more explicit and empirically informed exploration of how these processes occur on a microsocial level seems largely absent (Nederveen Pieterse 2004: 64; Anthias 2003).