chapter  7
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Rediscovering Traditional Knowledge for Post-disaster Reconstruction through ‘Participatory’ Research Methods in India and Nepal

This chapter presents a fieldwork-based research project into the effects of violent conflict on Palestinian refugee women and Shi'i Muslim women in Lebanon. It argues that women are not only victims but play a full and varied part both in conflict and in post-conflict reconstruction. Changes in legislation that benefit women also encourage feelings of empowerment. Feminist researchers suggest practical ways to tackle the dilemma of how to conduct the practicalities of the relationship between researcher and researched. The interviews created snapshots of individual women's experiences of violence and conflict, how they perceive such violence and how they are resisting or contributing to it. The chapter explores glean information about each woman's background, women's experiences of violence and conflict and her opinions, reflections and aspirations. It draws specific conclusions about women's experiences of and attitudes towards the Lebanese civil war and the Israeli invasion and occupation of parts of Lebanon.