chapter  4
Social, Economic and Ecological Benefits of Landscape Park Projects: Using Benefit Transfer to Assess Green Infrastructure Projects
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This chapter evaluates spatial changes of location patterns of economic activities, which have been generated by a large piece of infrastructure: the Mestre Through Highway (MTH). These changes become a component of a wider spatial discourse stimulated by the MTH project. The chapter evaluates the extent to which the MTH changes the geography of the main economic activities and influences the metropolitan area of Venice. The MTH reinforces the metropolitan structure by creating a new economic geography with activities and services as well as new territorial scenarios. The spatial discourse created by the MTH deviates from a predictable project cycle to form a process where the infrastructure becomes space in an incremental manner, a factor that characterizes the planning process and outlines a contingent valuation domain. Spatial discourse arises from the way the MTH comes into the public agenda and then is being implemented.