chapter  8
The Plan-Process-Results (PPR): Methodology for Evaluation and Planning
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Local communities have rarely figured in the triumvirate state, private sector, civil society governance nexus over the last century. This chapter reviews the literature on models of individual behaviour change and found these aspects lacking from the theories. Theories of social learning and institutional analysis were found to have more heuristic value for understanding the mechanisms fundamental for achieving behaviour change. The chapter hypotheses that Heriot-Watt university's organizational values, the organizational capacity provided by the university to Transition Heriot-Watt (THW) will be the key factor determining the implementation of sustainable values and behaviours amongst the community of staff and students at the University of Heriot-Watt's Edinburgh campus. THW has spent substantial time wallowing in the first two transition stages of pre-contemplation and contemplation and preparing a well-justified action plan. This formulation of stages of transition suggest that gaining the support of other organizations active within the community are critical for reaching the stages of preparation for action and activation.