chapter  11
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Living in the Time of the End: A Personal Commentary from My Experiences with the Children of God and the Family International

In this chapter I will explore the practical implications of living in a milieu where there is a deeply held belief that it is the ‘Time of the End’, and that Jesus Christ will return to earth within our lifetime. My observations are drawn from approximately 30 years of living in communities of the ‘Children of God’ (COG), later ‘The Family International’ (TFI). The following is a personal reflection. I am not seeking to represent the position of the movement’s leadership or current membership, in fact, I am fairly certain many would not agree with elements of my analysis. The controversial history and practices of TFI have been well documented in a number of scholarly volumes, including The Endtime Family by William Sims Bainbridge (2002). This paper will focus solely on one aspect of TFI belief and lifestyle: the End Time.