chapter  18
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Remembering the Future: 2012 as Planetary Transition

BySuzanne Rough

At no time since I was invited to speak at the Inform Seminar on New Religions and Prophecy, held at the London School of Economics on 22 November 2008, have I intended to speak in detail about the events that are going to make up ‘2012’. We have a website ( where these details can be freely accessed by those who want to know. I will confine myself to talking about their context: how they came into being and why. This way those who do not want to know do not get drawn in. I do not consider that those attending an academic conference on Prophecy have given their consent to hear graphic and unsettling detail about 2012; and I consider that I have a responsibility to avoid the formation of situations in which negative emotion is likely to be generated. We have more than enough negativity pressing down on us. We do not need to generate more.2