chapter  10
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The art of (re)crossing the border

The Border Farm project in Maroi, South Africa
WithPauline Guinard

This chapter focuses on the capacity of the South Africa/Zimbabwe border to stimulate artists' imagination and attract them in the area to create projects. It examines the Border Farm project more closely to demonstrate its therapeutic function regarding the individuals and the group. The chapter explains the capacity of art as a geographical tool to apprehend the spatiality of borders. Emblematic of an increasing tension between openness and closure of borders in a context of globalisation, the South Africa/Zimbabwe border area is a contradictory space. Nevertheless, despite the therapeutic and empowering function of the film for the participants and its potential consequences on the representations of the border for the participants and non-participants, one can wonder about the impacts of this project in the long term. To study the border in its materiality and immateriality, as it is and as it is lived, art can be both an object and a tool for geographers.