chapter  5
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Pink Prisons, Rosy Futures? The Prison Politics of the Pink Triangle

WithDominique Grisard

Christ in Concrete, especially a copy of the book with a straight blurb and inscription, might not seem a fitting beginning for an elaboration of queer media politics. It is a surprising source of thought regarding what the "concrete" might actually mean for us. Then the summarize rather axiomatically provocation from its "flaming pages". First, there is a healthy genealogy of radical, activist, proletarian art and thought that queers have yet to appreciate, much less mine for its gems. Second, the extended families of immigrants whose entanglements spread across the pages of these stories look a whole lot like what Kath Weston called, in 1991. finally that concrete brings with it that important and persistent tension that Raymond Williams explored in The Country and the City. One of the few salutary effects of this multi-platform media that also includes television and new media, is that we have access, via new platforms and circuits, to a vastly expanded queer cinema.