chapter  1
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The Attitude of Human Ecology

ByUlrich Loening

Traditional ecological knowledge has been preserved, mostly through oral means, often through familial lines, as well as personal experience of living close to the land. The Woodland Cree of northern Saskatchewan, Canada have survived amidst the harsh reality of the Precambrian shield for untold years. Some of the values inherent among the Woodland Cree are hard work; respect for everyone especially the Elders, maintaining good relations with others, not getting angry or retaliating, not to misbehave as children and working together as a family. The Woodland Cree have been Christianized for well over 150 years and as a result many of the traditional belief systems have been forgotten or have faded into the storylines of myth and make believe. The Elders used the Cree word Poowamowin to describe the traditional belief system. The traditional belief system of Poowamowin meant that individuals needed protection from others. Traditional medicine or Nihithowi muskikiyu is another facet of the traditional knowledge system.