chapter  3
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Being From and Coming To: Outline of an Ethno-Ecological Framework

ByUllrich Kockel

This chapter explores peacebuilding, one of the ways Human Ecology is put into practice. It also explores embraces an epistemological approach based on a connection between the knower and what is known and subjectivity is valued, in contradistinction to the objectivity called for in the Cartesian paradigm. The chapter focuses on Human Ecology as an evolving discipline. The empirical-analytical approach of mainstream Human Ecology models incorporates a technical cognitive interest. This approach allows for the emergence of predictive knowledge and theory construction subject to agreed-upon limits and processes. Human Ecology becomes not just a content area, but also a way of approaching knowledge. Human Ecology offers a holistic and interconnected approach to humans in their social and natural environments, sharing these characteristics with other fields that embrace complexity, such as environmental studies, peace studies and transformative learning. Human Ecology is as an evolving field, with a wide range of approaches and content areas amongst the different academic peace studies sites.