chapter  4
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Returning the Sacred: Indigenous Ontologies in Perilous Times

This chapter focuses on teaching a youth migrant class for the Adult Migrant English Service (AMES) in Sydney. The process of migration is always going to offer many challenges for those who either choose or are forced to relocate themselves in another country. The degree of that challenge is going to depend on many factors: personal, socio-cultural, ecological and spiritual, to use a social ecology frame. The Aboriginal component of the programme resulted in a complete change of heart in the students. The programme was initially introduced by the Principal of Banks town AMES, Ms. Robyn Heras, in response to comments made by Professor Marcia Langton, a leading Aboriginal academic, at the Global Cultural Diversity Conference in Sydney. The Aboriginal people are the original people and culture of this land, and therefore the ones whose culture is inseparable from the ecology present here at the time of invasion and subsequent colonization.