chapter  7
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Education for Life: Human Ecology Pedagogy as a Bridge to Indigenous Knowing

ByIain MacKinnon

This chapter focuses on "the truth of our interconnectedness and the deep ecology of relations within which we are embedded". It describes some truths around the embodiment of transformation and how traumas experienced at multiple levels, which fragment our sense of interconnectedness and our consciousness as members of one Earth community might be healed through creative exploration in collaborative community with others. The chapter discusses that our consciousness and our creative responsiveness as humans to what we are doing to the web of life is disrupted by trauma at multiple levels and that integrating our consciousness and recovering our creativity is core to healing such traumatic fragmentation. In terms of complex traumatic reactions, trauma, like transformation, arises out of the threatened dissolution of structures and produces dramatic change. Western theory and praxis around human consciousness and the processes fostering its evolution, remain static and, not surprisingly, generally ineffective in addressing our current ecological and emotional crises.