chapter  8
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Su¿ Path: Possibilities of Transcending Limited and Limiting Identity

ByNayyar Javed

This chapter aims to show some of the ways that action research approaches are helping me to bring Human Ecology into the world. Explorers of evolving consciousness, whether of the action research or Human Ecology tribe, value personal inquiry practices at psychological and spiritual depth. Carnegie UK Trust had funded the Rural Leadership Programme. The Commission's Charter for Rural Communities showed that by taking charge of their own destiny, "fired-up" groups of local activists were learning how to build on what we have rather than focusing on the deficits in an area. In October 2009 Carnegie UK Trust launched a "Manifesto for Rural Communities" in central London, highlighting the Eigg film for members of parliament who are writing manifestos to underpin a forthcoming general election. The Rural team has worked with colleagues on several policy booklets, launched at participative workshops and then distributed widely.