chapter  9
26 Pages

The Promise of Orthodox Christianity for Sustainable Community Development

ByKeith Morrison

This chapter focuses on the work of the Koru International Network (KIN). KIN is a growing international community of practice that seeks to operationalize global forms of indigeneity as these are uniquely expressed from culture to culture. The chapter explores on human-made material reality's issues are expressed in the work of KIN to date. It focuses on results emerging from Phase One of an international Participatory Action Research project that underpins the development of KIN. The chapter talks about two different sides of the same coin, our ability to innovate towards ecological resilience is strongly contingent on our ability to locate and galvanize the "fault lines". It focuses on deeper epistemological resilience as this concern an emerging community of practice. The chapter focuses on hugely diverse group and includes descendants of French and English colonialists, particularly in Canada. It examines the countries have distinctive histories, a significant contextual issue that shapes the potential work of KIN in each nation.