chapter  9
The Role of Large Enterprises in Local Labour Market Development in Non-Metropolitan Rural Areas in Poland
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Numerous academic papers emphasise the role of large enterprises (LE) when it comes to the acceleration of the development of cities and regions in Central and Eastern Europe (Micek et al. 2011, Pavlínek 2002). However, the significance of LEs for the growth of rural, peripheral areas is rarely studied. The interest of economists, geographers and labour market analysts in the role of small and medium enterprises in the acceleration of rural area development (Jarvis et al. 2002) has resulted in a decline when it comes to research on the largest firms operating in such areas. For example, in Great Britain it was decided that rather than LEs, small and medium enterprises drive rural industrialisation (Tyler et al. 1988). This is similar to Poland, where the significance of large companies in the development of rural areas was underestimated equally frequently. Bański (2008) deems the activity of external investors as a secondary success factor in traditional and peripheral areas. According to Bański, the principal growth driver in such areas is the economic activity of their inhabitants.