chapter  6
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Love and Death in Clovernook: Alice Cary’s Children of the Ohio Frontier

The term 'images of children' refers to the ways adults regard and treat children and covers a variety of matters, such as children's capabilities and features, their status and rights, the significance of childhood. The image of children embraced by a given culture is the most fundamental basis for children's literature. In feudal China, children were presented with similarly frightening stories. Confucianism emphasizes moderation and compromise and advocates behaving one in accordance with certain rules, which runs contrary to the inclination of children to be lively and active. The development of a mature children's literature is closely related to the level of wealth, democracy, and modernity of a given country. Children's literature is a gift to the young; excellent works for children are like pleasant sunlight, rain, and fertilizer, and as long as we follow and make use of the normal course of nature. In China, then, children's literature and children's education are closely related.