chapter  8
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Lloyd Alexander’s Chronicles of Prydain: Imaging the American Child through a British Lens

This chapter discusses not "views about children" but "children's views". "Views about children" typically refers to how we, as adults and critics, look at children, while "children's views" refers to how children look at the world. When discussing children's views, we cannot afford to ignore another concept that of children's dispositions, for the two is easily confused. A child's disposition, innate and predestined, is born with him or her. Even with the large body of research on dispositions, it seems that the content in this black box remains a puzzle. A beam of light may illuminate it occasionally, but only for a moment, before it returns to pitch black. As far as adult views of children are concerned, these writers have ideas contrary to the child-oriented views espoused by the first group of writers discussed in the chapter, which, at least subconsciously, they deem unacceptable.