chapter  9
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The Multiple Facets and Contemporary Mission of the Images of Children in Chinese Children’s Literature

This chapter focuses on picture books of Langston Hughes's poetry published in the ten-year period between 2002, the hundredth anniversary of Hughes's birth, and 2012. Julian Mayfield defines the Black Aesthetic in reference to black art in general, artist and illustrator Tom Feelings created criteria specific to African American children's literature. In sum, Charles R. Smith's artwork conveys the uplifting message that though African Americans form a mosaic because of differences in skin tones, hair textures, noses, teeth, and eyes. In many of E. B. Lewis's lush watercolor illustrations, a medium that further deepens the connection to water, ambiguity helps to emphasize that time and place have not changed the centrality of water in the lives of black people. Bryan Collier brings these racial and socio-historical tensions to the forefront through his illustrations. Tang Sulan quotes Maria Montessori, who wrote: 'A child is a seed that contains all the possibilities for the future'.