chapter  10
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Images of Children and Views of Children’s Literature in

ByContemporary China

This chapter focuses on the photographic picture book. The civil rights movement involved African Americans nationwide in protests and acts of civil disobedience, due to broad-based resistance to racist social and political processes. In the chapter Tang Sulan notes regarding Chinese children's literature, political systems influence profoundly the content and approach of texts for young people. Walter Dean Myers's One More River to Cross presents black civil rights activity across time, from enslavement to the current moment, in the form of a family photographic album. Myers also reframes historic images of racial violence, countering sentimentalized versions of the movement story that elide violence or truncate the time period in which civil rights efforts took place. Myers and Carole Boston Weatherford respond to the pressures on the civil rights narrative, a consensus story that has been used to stabilize, confine, and commodify social progress in ways that resist the dominance of the school integration story.