chapter  15
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Wimpy Boys and Spunky Girls: Beverly Cleary’s Template for the Gendered Child in Postwar American Children’s Literature

This chapter focuses on the contemporary Chinese society often perceives among the goals of pleasing children, depicting children convincingly, and providing age-appropriate guidance to child readers. Writers of children's literature need to consider both aspects of childhood in their narrations. Appreciating and praising children's naive nature shows our affection for them, while identifying and giving them what they lack demonstrates our respect for children's lives. The chapter discusses Chris Van Allsburg's award-winning picture book The Polar Express. It explains Hans Christian Andersen's beautiful story 'The Little Mermaid'. In Chinese education, including the writing of children's literature, 'squatting down' is a theoretical term, frequently and easily used. When Joan Ganz Cooney, later the wife of a former US Secretary of Commerce, played a key role in launching this program in 1969, she aimed to provide preschool education for children who might not otherwise have received it.