chapter  21
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States of Resilience

ByErik Hollnagel, Gunilla Sundström

This chapter explains the experiences from the disaster in terms of state transition description resilience can be seen to require three things: ability, a set of transition rules, and a readiness or capability for getting on with the tasks at hand once the new state has been entered. The transition to a state of disturbed functioning clearly represents a loss of control. The return to a state of normal functioning may either be through a direct recovery, or in the case of severe disturbances via a state of repair. The ability to rebound or recover again requires that the cessation of the abnormal state is detected, that there are proper procedures for returning or reverting to 'normal', and that the functions and capabilities required for a normal – or a revised normal – operation are in place. In cases when the emergency and normal operations run in parallel, returning to normal conditions is fairly simple.