chapter  8
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Normative modelling in coordination of generic and private tourism promotion in submetropolitan areas

WithMichał Jacenty Sznajder, Sylwia Marek

In this chapter, the authors present their concept of normative modelling, which is a synthesis of a literature study and deduction resulting from the research they have conducted, and their analyses and considerations. Generic promotion of tourism encompasses financing the development and maintenance of the tourism infrastructure in its broad sense as well as spreading information about the values and attractions of a particular area. In vast metropolitan areas there are a lot of people, organisations and institutions interested in the development of local tourism and representing private and social interests. The formulation of a common model of development of tourism for a particular community in a submetropolitan area usually results in stakeholders’ voluntary acceptance of the model and in working on the implementation of the model. Stakeholders should exchange information about tourism in a particular submetropolitan region between each other.