chapter  3
Johannes Eck (1486–1543): Academic Career and Self-Fashioning around 1500*
ByIngo Trüter
Pages 20

This chapter draws upon other primary sources like Johannes Eck's scientific works, his and the university's correspondences, matriculation registers and so on, which can in part be read as self-narratives. It was then that Johannes, aged 15 years and some months (1502), first had to take care of him in economic matters. In the end, when Eck was already on his way to Ingolstadt, the council of Freiburg University tried to keep him by offering him a salary increase, but it was too late. So far, research on Johannes Eck has predominantly focused on his role as a theologian and controversialist and therefore accentuates the antagonism between him and the differing confessions. By understanding Eck first of all as a man of learning, trying to take his position and being positioned by others in the learned field and social space, another perspective on his biography and self-fashioning has been presented.