chapter  2
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Ice Diplomacy and Climate Change: Hans Ahlmann and the Quest for a Nordic Region beyond Borders

This chapter focuses on polar museums and their relation to the narratives of the golden age of polar exploration. It considers such museums, and the way in which they materialize and express the narratives generated by polar travel, rather than polar journeys. The chapter argues that museums are not only shapers of narrative; as it shows, they are themselves simultaneously shaped by the narratives they display. The defining narrative of the Fram Museum is that of the ships first voyage. The Fram was used in two other important expeditions in the history of polar exploration Otto Sverdrups extensive mapping of the archipelagos west of Greenland in 1898-1902, and Roald Amundsen's successful race against Robert F. The Swedish issue of establishing an Andre museum evolved more rapidly, at least to begin with. In other words, it can reasonably be argued that the exhibition first and foremost dealt with the current sensation the findings and only secondarily with the Andre balloon expedition.