chapter  3
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Nordic or National? Post-war Visions of Polar Conict and Cooperation

This chapter analyses the role of cultural heritage in international disputes over polar areas through the lens of heritage sites remaining from activities carried out by Norwegian actors in the South Atlantic in the early twentieth century. South Georgia, or Islas Georgias del Sur as it is called in the Spanish-speaking world, is understood as an archipelago belonging to the Peri-Antarctic. The conflict over South Georgia must be understood against the background of its economic history. Human activity began there in the eighteenth century after explorers reported rich occurrences of fur and elephant seals. The British government reasserted its claim for sovereignty over South Georgia by sending the navy ship HMS Sappho to Grytviken in 1906. Hart, Whaling in the Falkland Islands Dependencies. King Edward Point is a mandatory port of call for all ships visiting South Georgia tourist ships, yachts and research vessels. It is the base for a marine officer, who carries out customs and vessel inspection duties.