chapter  5
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Field Stations on the Coast of the Arctic Ocean in the European Part of Russia from the First to Second IPY

Aer a sharp decline in the 1990s, there has been some revival of the polar station network in the Russian Arctic, and interest in the stations’ history is growing.5 However, to date, the early history of polar stations and the history of Russian Arctic exploration during that period in general have not been researched in any detail and, instead, usually serve as an introduction to the subsequent more ‘heroic’ history.6 e exception is the history of stations established during the rst IPY. is chapter focuses on the roots of the large-scale activity in the Arctic in the late 1930s and post-war period, the success of which was based on hard preliminary work as well as ideas and enthusiasm expressed previously. Many signicant actors of that era began their activity before the war, and the infrastructure and strategies for polar studies were also developed during this earlier period.