chapter  7
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Linking People through Fish: Science and Barents Sea Fish Resources in the Context of Russian–Scandinavian Relations

Oscar von Grimm was well known internationally since he represented Russia at international sheries exhibitions, including one in Bergen in 1898. His name was mentioned along with the most prominent European ichthyologists in the dedication to the book American Fishes by the leading American scientist in the eld, George Brown Goode.12 Knipowitsch could thus use some of von Grimm’s contacts when he became established internationally. A zoologist by background, he developed an interest in oceanography and sheries research early on. He was born into the family of a military doctor and spent his childhood and school years in Finland, in the Sveaborg fortress (now part of the city of Helsinki). He lived in a diverse international community there and learned Swedish since it was more a commonly used language. Indeed, this cultural capital was of great benet to him when he sought international cooperation in oceanographic research.