chapter  13
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The Nordic Nations in Polar Science: Expeditions, International Polar Years and their Geopolitical Dimensions

Aksnes’s and Hessen’s bibliometric study of polar research in the Nordic countries neatly reects the relative importance these nations attach to science both for its instrumental utility and as a cultural good. In their country-bycountry overview of the number of polar research articles for the period 1981-2007, they found that polar research expanded far more rapidly than science in general. Norway ranks as the h largest polar nation on the bibliometric scale, aer the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and Germany. Denmark ranks ninth. Polar research is one of the few disciplines in which Norway is a major contributor to international science. If we take Arctic research alone, Norway is the third largest research nation in the world. Taken together, the Nordic countries are seen to be important contributors to Arctic research, as indicated by an 18 per cent share of the total world Arctic polar research output from 2005 to 2007.