chapter  14
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The Nordic Arctic Periphery: Fragments from Fieldwork

WithLisbeth Lewander

Lisbeth Lewander did not live to nish work on her contribution to this volume. Nevertheless, her work was so central to the entire Arctic Nordic project, and her own insights and reections are so important for the overall results, that I decided, as project leader and editor, to try to bring something from her work to the published book. is chapter is based on her extended abstract, entitled ‘Science for Politics and Politics for Science’, which was submitted in April 2011, and a popular essay in Swedish published in the autumn of 2011, ‘Nordens arktiska pereri – fragment från ett fältarbete’.1 e Swedish text was in turn based on extended eldwork that she carried out in preparation for her nal parts of the Arctic Nordic project, which were to deal with security-related issues involving Arctic and North Atlantic science collaboration between the Nordic countries, the United States and Canada. I have edited her texts slightly and inserted references in footnotes to assist the reader but have tried not to depart from the personal essay style that the text had in its original Swedish version and in her early eldwork report. I would like to thank Dieter Müller, Jessica Shadian and Urban Wråkberg for valuable bibliographic advice and Douglas Smith for adding key information on the history of Churchill.