chapter  1
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Introduction: Polar Extensions – Nordic States and their Polar Strategies

The concept of Branding Greenland is the Greenland governments attempt to gain some influence over the image of Greenland and Greenlanders. The metaphor about the Greenlanders as the children of Mother Denmark was a perfect match for the perception of the Greenlanders as children of nature. Thus, in both the Danish and the Greenlandic perspective, it is common to see Greenland home rule described as a sort of puberty, with the Act on Greenland Self-Government as a transition to adulthood. It was in connection with the efforts to achieve home rule that the idea of the Greenlanders as an indigenous people was introduced in Greenland. At the same time, however, the narrative of Greenlanders as an indigenous people still obliges Greenlandic politicians and companies to prioritize environmental concerns. The powerful narrative conveyed by the Greenpeace film leaves out all the other relevant narratives about modern Greenland. It portrays the Greenlanders as passive victims of climate changes.