chapter  1
The Religious Quest
ByChristopher Lewis
Pages 12

This chapter examines the religious quest in some of its principal forms, in order to demonstrate some features. Communism shares some of the features of a religion, for example in having its systems of belief in which people put their faith, its manifestoes, and its founding and heroic figures. Ninian Smart starts his seminal work The Religious Experience of Mankind with an examination of the dimensions or aspects of religion. Every religion has a similar intellectual challenge, which it has to face if it is to make its way in the world. In the light of a literary critical reading of the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, mythological stories need to be seen in context and interpreted, for if taken literally they cannot be squared with our educated understanding of the world and of human beings. Political and religious confidence marched hand in hand and left scars which are long-remembered and which mean that relations between religions will never be easy.