chapter  5
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ByEric Bolland, Jerry Wellman

This chapter discusses manager's templates for understanding and monitoring project and process activities. Projects and processes are an essential part of any organization. Project performance is measured differently than process performance. Project metrics may also include progress milestone completions such as product design verification, design document release, qualification testing and first article build. Creating project vision involves many parties including the project team members, the executive and functional leaders of the organization, certain subcontractors and perhaps customers for whom the product may be intended. The most important stakeholder is the customer. This stakeholder will in the end determine if the project has met its objectives. Each block within the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a discrete package of work activity for which the Cost Account Manager (CAM) has planned the cost, schedule, staffing and other resources. Statistical Process Control (SPC) is the process counterpart to the Earned Value Management System (EVMS).