chapter  9
16 Pages

Competitors and Competitive Intelligence

ByEric Bolland

This chapter outlines how government, courts and regulatory concerns affect business. It helps to stay informed about government regulation, explain which regulations affect your operation, shows how to challenge unfair regulation and assist with educating government officials on how to improve regulation. The local purchasing department provides with information on bidding on government contracts and shows how to register. These are just some of the local agencies to contact when making the checklist of local government regulation that could affect the operation. It lets the government official see the employees and learn about business needs at first hand. Sole proprietorships are small business entities where the owner makes all of the decisions. Generally, the owner provides start-up capital for the business. With an understanding of how government operates, as a business person, can influence the laws and regulations mandated by government organizations, move to legal issues that occur in everyday business practices that may affect the business manager.