chapter  6
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Jewish Spiritual Healing, Mi Shebeirach, and the Legacy of Debbie Friedman

ByDebbie Friedman Tanya Sermer

This chapter discusses the place of dying where "perfumed rhapsodies" arise from hearts that heal while fading, waft love while listening, and will their songs of care and comfort to the 'lines of weeping' and the "strings of crying". It examines the place of music in the place of dying. Thanatology has seen some maturing in the last 20 years with growing breadth of interest including religion, spirituality, the arts, and humanities. People who are in a gradual but inevitable process of dying are often in a specific "place" namely in a hospice. Music transforms the mundane word into poetry and imbues words, too ordinary for courage, with the essence of emotional power. The model of music therapy in palliative care used in Music Facilitating a Healthy Death case study is that of Dileo and Dneaster, which defines three levels of practice, including: supportive, communicative/expressive, and transformative.