chapter  2
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Structuring Effects of Rail Terminals

WithJean-Paul Rodrigue

This chapter focuses on technologies, social and economic factors, strategic management and business goals that take full advantage of technologies are considered. Railways are characterized by exclusive tracks and the purpose of civil structures is to provide a stable, durable and reliable passage on which rail tracks are laid. Technologies on tunnelling, reclamation, excavation and construction for railways are applicable in civil structures for other purposes. High-capital investment and slow, if not low, return also prompt prudent considerations before adopting innovations and technologies. It also speeds up technology export from which the manufacturers are able to build considerable track records for their products for further spread of related technologies. The multi-million-dollar procurement contracts underline prominently the importance of exporting railway technology to the growth of domestic economies and employment opportunities. Technologies on reliable remote sensing and secure communications are critical to ensure just-in-time information on asset conditions and support decision-making process in operation.