chapter  5
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The winter of the veiled women in Israel
WithTamar Elor

This chapter revolves around Jewish, rather than Muslim, veiled women. It dwells upon a short period of time in winter 2007/8, when a tangential point was created between the worldwide manifestations of the global 'problem' and its Israeli variants. The veiled women of Beit Shemesh only took control of one of the bellows and accelerated its pace to a degree that it seemed to outside observers to radicalize the situation ad absurdum or ad obsessionem as suggested by Tamar Rotem. In Israel, standard veiled women are treated leniently. The Jewish religious/ultra-Orthodox or Muslim woman may be whatever she chooses to be. The state lifts the cover only when sexual deviance and violence against children are involved. The women of Beit Shemesh limited the political potential of managing the body to the domestic sphere, and thus helped the state and their husbands to relegate this game to the realms of psychological treatment.