chapter  9
Teaching Professionalism Online — An Australian Professional Legal Education Experience
ByMargie Rowe, Moira Murray
Pages 20

This chapter explores those challenges and opportunities in the context of the Graduate Diploma in legal Practice (GDLP) program, focusing on the Professional Practice Core course (PPC). The skills, practice areas and values that be taught and the standards of competence that students attain were jointly developed by the Australasian Professional Legal Education Council (APLEC) and the Law Admissions Consultative Committee in 2000 and updated in 2002. The way in which professionalism is to be taught, learned and assessed online in the PCC has posed challenges and created opportunities. Both centre round the definition of legal professionalism so create a common understanding amongst staff and students of the values and attributes taught in the course; teaching and assessing legal professionalism; and teaching legal professionalism in an online environment. In the PCC, the traditional understanding of legal professionalism, emphasising autonomy, collegiality and public service orientation informed the values and practices that students had to demonstrate to achieve competency in the course.