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Back on the democratic corporatist road?
ByKarmasin Matthias, Bichler Klaus, brunner Kalten

In the last five years, Austria has made many improvements concerning journalistic self-regulation. The print industry managed to re-establish a Press Council and nearly all daily, weekly and monthly papers participate. Furthermore, some minor updates were made to the Austrian Code of Conduct. Some media companies published new internal guidelines or introduced social media guidelines. Last but not least, the Web 2.0 brought many improvements, like successful media watchblogs and interaction between journalists and users. There is still a long way to go. The tabloid newspapers do not participate in the Press Council and there is no form of self-regulation in the audio-visual sector or on the Internet. Internal guidelines are rare, and only one medium in Austria employs an ombudsperson. The potential of the Web 2.0 concerning transparency and accountability is not exploited as much as it could be.