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Exposing the sacred monumentality in Ugarit: Remodelling the temple of Baal

WithT. Teba, D. Theodossopoulos, J. Crow

The temple is the sacred place where ancient people used to worship their main deities; it was an essential structure in ancient cities, whose scale and architectural and structural principles and their development constitute strong representations of social, cultural and ritual attitudes of ancient people. This chapter presents a detailed archaeological reading and architectural analysis of the Temple of Baal in Ugarit, considering its architectural concept, constructional techniques and urban settings. It provides a conservation proposal to identify, preserve and present the outstanding values associated with the temple's ruins, and simultaneously protect them from further degradation. A series of poignant architectural interventions is proposed to restore the temple's monumental value and urban relationships. The conservation proposal for the Temple of Baal will involve conceptual design ideas to enhance the visitors' understanding of the ruins, map the outstanding values onto the available fabric and reconstruct the original architectural experience using both excavated ruins and proposed interventions.