chapter  14
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Disciplinarity and Interdisciplinarity: William Pinar’s Complicated Conversation with Curriculum Studies

ByCurriculum Studies MARLA MORRIS

This chapter presents an overview of the debates within the history of curriculum studies in Brazil and how they relate to Pinar's work. To highlight his influence as theorist, and ambassador for Internationalization, it engaged in an indiciario reading as a methodology to search for clues, whispers, and glimpses within curricular thinking, weaving, in a historical but not in a linear perspective. The chapter examines the two hidden layers of Pinar's influence upon Brazilian theorists are presented in this chapter: the ongoing dialogues throughout the Internationalization movement, and the readings of poststructuralism through the trends of Derridaeanism and multiculturalism. In Curriculum Studies in Brazil, Pinar underlines the 'significance of subjectivity in this dialogical process of internationalization by introducing the Brazilian participants', yet this volume has not yet been translated into Portuguese. Moreira and Regina Leite Garcia were two of the earliest Brazilian scholars to respond to Pinar's advocacy of Internationalization.