chapter  4
Cultural diversity in action
Developing and engaging effective responses within rugby union in Australia
ByJioji Ravulo
Pages 10

Representation of diverse cultures is evident across the Super Rugby and sevens clubs in Australia, with near to 40 per cent of players identifying as being from a Pacific Island or Maori (NZ) heritage. This chapter reviews various aspects of the partnership, taking an overview of the benefits of implementing a PATHE@RUPA model and its wider impact on the playing community – locally, regionally and globally. In Australia, the number of professional players involved in Super Rugby who identify as coming from a Pacific background is growing, with 31 per cent listed in 2012, and trends increasing to between 35 and 40 per cent across some teams. However, player support also goes beyond nominating career aspirations – specific strategies are also developed to assist the underlying social and welfare needs of professional Pacific players. Empowerment of Pacific and other culturally diverse players to feel valued for their difference is evident.