chapter  6
How can climate change vulnerability assessments best impact policy and planning? Lessons from Indonesia
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Over the past five years the impacts of climate change upon cities and regions have increasingly been recognised in Indonesia. This has motivated national and local governments, as well as development agencies, to conduct a number of Climate Change Vulnerability Assessments (CCVAs) in urban areas. Yet little research has been conducted into how CCVAs are used, how successful they are at informing planning and policymaking decisions, and what elements of the process allow them to influence decision-making. This chapter compares the processes and impacts of four different CCVAs conducted in the cities of Manado, Makassar, Semarang and Bandar Lampung. Based on the results, recommendations are made as to how future CCVA processes may be better designed to promote more effective engagement of stakeholders, lasting policymaking and planning outcomes and, as a result, better climate resilience outcomes.